Insurance for architects, by architects

Created in 1931 by a group of French architects, MAF (Mutual Insurance for French Architects) is an insurance provider with a real human dimension. Our missions are to insure professional liabilities, and to accompany and defend our members.

MAF, insurance and expertise

With our unique expertise, we are committed to helping our members at every step of their professional life. MAF protects against the risks associated with your professional activities, and provides additional coverage for your private insurance needs.

Architects at the service of architects

Located in Paris, MAF is different from other insurance providers. We don’t rely on intermediaries or regional agencies, but rather dedicated agents in our different service areas. These preferred contacts are familiar with our members’ situations and available for periodic meetings organized all throughout France.

MAF, insurance provider, professional network

MAF participates in a wide range of inter-professional working groups in order to strengthen its prevention, information, and consulting services for its members. We have constructed a network of insurance, construction, and architecture professionals with which we share common interests, and organize a considerable number of events, conferences, and manifestations every year in order to defend and make our members’ voices heard.